Development Status and Future Trend of Automobile LED Headlights
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For most like car friends, the lights are a very talkative topic. Whether it is their own car's "candlelight", or everyone on the road shouting "high-light dog", or those hundreds of meters away from the high-end models will be able to identify the vehicle's headlights will always be the most front face Attractive part. This truth has been deeply rooted in our hearts after years of practice of "German troika". For the Chinese brand, it is now a small step run stage. Great progress on the design, of course, there are a lot of brisk headlamp design.

Currently on the market, the main source of car headlights halogen, xenon and LED three. Halogen headlamps are the most common, and now more than 60% of new cars on the market use halogen headlamps, the advantage of low manufacturing and maintenance costs, easy replacement, but the disadvantages are obvious, the brightness is not enough. As the once "advanced product", xenon headlamps once all the rage, high brightness, long distance irradiation is its greatest advantage, once the owners are considered essential configuration.

However, xenon headlamps as a transitional product, the disadvantage is also very obvious: start delay, start the moment strong current impact and other issues have been plagued the owners. At the same time, xenon headlamps in the rain and fog weather is not the ideal penetration effect, especially foggy weather, the driver's eyes are basically a vast expanse of white.

Compared with the traditional halogen headlamps and xenon headlamps, LED headlamps have unique advantages, good lighting effects, low energy consumption and long life are the most prominent advantages. With the cost reduction, equipped with LED headlamps models have begun to transition from luxury brands to mid-range joint venture brand.


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