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The Magnetic Shape Memory Micropump

“Our research group extensively utilized Shaw Mountain Technology’s MSM micropump for a few years to accurately control the size of droplet bilayer membranes and perform experiments on reconstituted transmembrane transporters. The pump also proved to be an excellent tool for precise microinjection of exogenous materials into live cells and giant artificial vesicles. I could not find any other pump on the market that can do these tasks with the same accuracy and reliability. My research in membrane biophysics substantially benefited from using the MSM micropump.”

– Dr. Daniel Fologea, Department of Physics at Boise State University

“With Shaw Mountain Technology’s MSM Micropump we are able to carry out hemapheresis experiments in pre-clinical mouse models of disease. I have not found any other pump on the market that can do this procedure without major limitations. For this reason, and others, the MSM Micropump has been a great tool in advancing our research program.”

– Dr. Richard Beard, Department of Biology at Boise State University

The Magnetic Shape Memory (MSM) Micropump delivers submicroliter droplets with precision and repeatability. The MSM micropump enables new research across a range of disciplines such as neurophysiology and molecular biophysics. Our technology is unique in that there are no mechanical parts within the pump. The MSM material is the pump and transports submicroliter droplets through a peristaltic motion akin the muscular motion of the esophagus of mammals.

The variable speed MSM micropump can achieve flow rates exceeding 35 µl/min (graph to the left), and the flow can be easily reversed using the electronics.  This technology can generate and hold a back pressure of over 3 bar (graph to the right), and its simple, valveless design has very low dead volume

The MSM Micropump was presented at the 2019 Microfluidic Handling Systems Conference in Enschede, The Netherlands.  The conference paper, which further details the MSM micropump, can be downloaded here for free.

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